Action Queue Component

What Is It?

To make it easier to execute Actions in a queue-ish fashion the plugin comes with a Action Queue Component that can be used to queue up Actions and enqueue Actions you want to execute.


You can execute actions without the usage of the Action Queue Component. It's just a included storage possibility.

How To Use?

Adding The Component

To use the Action Queue Component just add it to a host actor, player controller, character, or where ever you want to hold and execute Actions.


Component API

The Action Queue Component API is intentionally very slim, it's meant to only hold Actions after all.


Let's break this down a bit.


The Action Queue Component let's you queue up actions.

In this example it just constructed one and enqueued it. However, Actions can be created somewhere else and be passed in.



We have two possible ways to dequeue Actions, one where only the Action is passed back and another where the Action is executed right before it's passed back.

This gives you greater flexibility over how and when to execute. If you simply want to dequeue and execute the component does it all for you. However, if you want to add additional data to the Action being dequeued you can simply dequeue it and execute it yourself.

Dequeue Only


Dequeue & Execute



Finally the Action Queue Component provides some utilities so make your life easier.

Executing Action

If you used Dequeue & Execute you don't have to cache the executing action yourself, the component keeps track of it. You can simply retrieve it via the pure node Get Executing Action.



Be carful here, if you use a mix of Dequeue and Dequeu and Execute it is possible that the returned Action is a relict from a older Dequeue and Execute or is invalid in the first place.

Is Empty

To be save to access a dequeued action you can either check if it's valid or use the provided utility function Is Empty.