What Is It?

Twitch Auth is a Unreal Engine 4 plugin that enable game developers, especially Twitch game developers, to get specifiy in-game content to their subscribers.

Idea & Use Case

The idea for this plugin came while watching the development stream from a fellow Twitch streamer called Wheeze202. He provides his Twitch subscribers early development builds of his current project Galdur to playtest and give him feedback on. His infrastructure was simple, he simply whispered the link to the build when a subscriber entered a command in the Twitch chat.

I saw some flaws in this approach, because now you had to rely on the subscriber to keep the link a secret. I though there must be a better way. So, I set out to build this plugin to let any Twitch game developer have the ability to let potential subscriber play testers authenticate in-game. Now only subscribers to your channel can play the game.

Not only can you use it as a custom Twitch DRM, but you can also distribute in-game content to your most loyal viewers.